Saturday, January 24, 2009

Value systems and evolving India

Close friend of mine from US, Jen told me she loved my blog because of the cultural insight it offers. So i have decided to make a slight diversion from books and move into cultural roots..

If you were to take my life and study it, examine the inputs that have gone into making little RamG into Ramgopal Vallath, examine what macro change could have caused those inputs, you would pretty much get a great idea of what drove India from a 3% growth (known as the Hindu rate of growth) economy to a 9% growth economy and its values from those firmly rooted in the conservative interpretations of Sanathana Dharma (Hindu way of life) to what we see today as a strive towards consumerism, wealth creation, aggressive nationalism, world dominance etc.

So where do I start? Maybe I will start from 3 generations back – my great grand parents..
But let me dwell a bit first on the cultural roots to give you a flavour..


Chief Hippo said...

found your blog on the trip to jaipur, interesting to say the least.
but when did you become such a development types?

Ramgopal Vallath said...

hey hippo, good to see you checked out the blog. I have always been the development type.